Broken Souls

She met him in the college during the last semester;
And was instantly attracted to him as that time she was a teenager,

Then the time came when their love was getting pitch;
But separation was their destiny although they didn’t ditch,

After all whatever makes you feel free;
Is as dangerous as termites for a tree,

Despite the reality that the decision to end the relationship had been mutual,
Cycling through such feelings and emotions was usual,

Loving and caring for someone isn’t enough to make them stay;
You have to travel an extra mile to make your relationship go long way,

One can die of a broken heart- it’s a scientific fact;
But it’s been a long time their heart have been broken, yet they are still intact,

I understand why things had to happen this way;
But then you have to let the dust that hurt your eyes wash away,

We all are recovering from someone so we are not alone;
Still there are some who are unable to cope up, and called as broken souls.



What they will say when they’ll see;
Or, what they will think about me,
Will they accept my love or not;
Will they be happy or forcefully tie a knot,
Will they be able to understand my shy attitude;
Or else will they consider me to be rude,
Oh God, I am such an over thinker;
I think a lot, does it helps!-no never,
Is this a standard quality or a reason of distress;
Don’t know but this is what I happen to possess,
I try to find meaning in everything;
I don’t like getting one word answers be’cz from them I have to dig the meaning,
Sometimes I struggle to have a sleep;
Sometimes the fear of worse gets so deep,
I weigh pros and cons in all situations that can be;
I keep analyzing people around me,
I tend to very easily assume things;
Making choices becomes tough for me be’cz decisions don’t come easily from within,
Yes I am an over thinker but it doesn’t have any harm;
Be’cz I know every individual has its own charm.

An Indian Bride…

Today an Indian bride is not just a decent girl with good values and looking like a fairy;
it’s more of how much she is carrying with her in the form of dowry,

Society- the so called driving force for an Indian’s every activity;
neither it’s something to praise nor is a matter of dignity,

“Log kya kahenge”- struggling always with this in mind;
people often forget their own interest and continue to grind,

Being 36-24-36 is expected out of every bride;
but they forget that beauty comes in all shapes and size,

People have made even bridal makeup a mockery;
be’cz to me it appears like layers of a multi colored kulfi,

Even the bride doesn’t care now much about the happiness and blessings;
be’cz the thing which bothers her is whether to wear lehnga or kurti with leggings,

May be this happens because it’s her day so she wants to enjoy with her besties;
hanging around, making poses and clicking selfies,

I know enjoying high and a little show off is not a crime;
as things, culture and the way of celebration changes with the time.

Besties are always before testes…!

People often say that two men can surely be best friends;
But two women! No, not at all and being a women I know it offends,

They say a boy can compliment his male friends in his own way;
But women! they can’t even imagine doing this with their female friends even a single day,

This relationship is same with two brothers and two sisters as well;
I remember when me and my sister used to fight my father used to tell,

That two brothers can manage to live together;
But whether for a week or a day even, two sisters can’t even gather,

But this is only what people say or claim;
As I grew up I realized that things are not the same,

I have seen many girls who are long time best friends even I have one or two;
But totally agree that may be it’s true for a few,

People say there’s mostly a boy behind a quarrel among two besties;
But this can only be true in case you are in twenties,

Be’cz that’s when the immaturity is at its peak;
As many of the girls become boyfriends freak,

Even I am only twenty four now but by now I have realized;
That only besties are there when your love relationships make you traumatized,

So from now on wards if I hear this people’s bullshit I will be like oh please;
No matter what you are facing or have faced, for me besties are always before testes.

Happy Engineers’ Day

Juniors waiting downstairs to give us farewell in the Audi;
is the last memory I have of my engineering journey,
Live project, assignment, presentation, exam and backlog;
are the stuff we dealt with in our engineering life for quite long,
Ragging, watching couples in the cafeteria, and gossips that we did;
I remember all those and miss them when I see that candid,
College crimes like mass bunk is a myth as unity is impossible in such a populated class in colleges;
but we “the engineers” do all this without considering our grudges,
Not even the Trending trolls on social media regarding engineers;
can bring down our zeal or make us feel low before our peers,
Engineers day is not just to wish or greet the engineers at the place where you live in;
it’s more about realizing and appreciating their efforts from deep within,
Although passing those 4 years with distinction was agony;
but that’s the reason why they are called the backbone of our economy.

71st Independence Day

As the subcontinent recovered from a bloody war with  British residents;
it is very important to recognize how we got here from the dark slavery dens,
India’s Independence has gone a long way from “The Battle of Plassey” to “The Sepoy Mutiny”;
However, a unified and national uprising of India as a nation against British authority might somewhat be the destiny,
A day when people in India pay homage to their leaders and those who fought for India’s freedom in the past;
A time when the area with major government buildings illuminated with strings of lights is vast,
Its a day to feel the pride of “Vande Mataram” and “Jana Gana Mana”;
A day to recall how the movements for Independence  had begun,
There are a million things about our freedom movement that the textbooks have told us;
and a billion other things which may have been overlooked, omitted or simply haven’t given focus,
Those who have dedicated their lives for the cause of Indian Independence;
The Indian freedom fighters need to be remembered at least once,
The blood they shed in any freedom fight or “Jallianwala Bagh” hadn’t gone in vain;
As finally India got Independence somewhere down the lane,
And now its time  to feel the pride of being a part of such a glorious nation that has led its path of freedom its own way;
and celebrate with prestige and dignity India’s 71st Independence  Day.

Just a T-shirt away…!!!

Love is wondrous I know, but missing someone is like hell;
so I always hope of him every time I hear the bell,

Situations often make me feel long distance relationships are the worst;
“Is he worth waiting for? Is he feeling the same way I do?”  I know its all about the trust,

But after so much of wait when he came to celebrate my birthday which was due;
tears rolled down my eyes just by seeing him in a second or few,

Love that moment, that feeling of anxiety and excitement;
yeah once again he managed to crown his commitment,

Tactile sensitivity, of course, is associated with sexual arousal,
and that happened with me too when I hugged him being sentimental,

It’s something we all know of, something we’ve all talked about;
it’s something we, as a culture, obsess over and out,

But who the hell even care;
although I know its awful when people stare,

He kissed me, and grabbed  me in his arm;
but I kept looking into his eyes, I guess it was his charm,

I got goosebumps which was obvious anyway;
yet I stopped, although  I was just a T-shirt away.

A senior…I met !!

He said, “huge congratulations on making it here”;
I said I am nervous, so he added, “I felt exactly the same last year”,
He said, “You guys are now a part of this vibrant community;
and I’m sure you’ll find it just as interesting as I do definitely”, 
He said, “Today, quite a few people on campus see me as an inspiration;
I do not consider myself exceptional at least compared to the kind of stories I’ve heard, it’s may be their imagination”,
“The fit factor, is the most important hiring factor these days”;
Telling this he also continued with how all this, one should embrace,
He said, “don’t waste your time in impressing every other;
Be’cz at the end of the day it doesn’t matter”,
He said, “I’ve realized that to thrive here or anywhere, you should embrace the inclusive, impress the indifferent and just ignore the ignorant;
that is, if circumstances even bring you in contact with them just become a prudent”,
He said, “it was and will continue to be the community as a session commences;
a community made up of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences”,
He concluded, “The bottom-line is that this campus provides an incredible environment to meet amazing peer;
pursue almost any interest, and make your voice heard loud and clear”.


There are various issues we feel shy to talk about;
and committing it is like a crime in our society no doubt,
a 26-year-old girl on the verge of matrimony;
is facing a commotion of mixed thoughts resulting in agony,
her excitement is climaxing at two levels, on one hand, she’s awaiting stepping into a realm of new relation;
on the other, her ‘virginity-status‘ is adding to her pre-wedding agitation,
she is getting sleepless nights wondering what if her better half comes to know that she’s not a virgin;
will he accept her if she dares to bare the truth that she has kept within,
however, she’s not alone as there are many women;
on the verge of tying the knot who face the same dilemmas be’cz of some orthodox men,
not everybody understands the temptation to take the plunge becomes tough to resist;
in a day and age when sex comes naturally in relationships,
some broad minded couples have no qualms in accepting that their partners;
may have gone the whole way in their past affairs,
but there are still those who relate virginity to morality and for them the bond of the unbroken hymen;
still scores over the bond of love and commitment,
it is our body our rule , everybody is free to love and choose a partner;
its a personal choice or decision and it is not for others to judge in any matter,
virginity and chastity are not the only measures to base a happy marriage on;
honesty and trust are far more important traits that both partners should possess life long.

Talent!!!…finally founded

                          I don’t know a lot about poetry but sometimes I tend to write. I write when something stuck my mind or something is boggling or troubling my mind and I am not able to say, share or convey it to anybody. That is the reason why I have the subtitle on my blog as “sometimes poetry gives you the voice”. Yes, it has given me the voice, the voice to say from anything to everything that I feel or believe or want to share with others.
                          I don’t remember when I started liking poetry. From the childhood only I used to see and observe my classmates that everyone was good at something or the other but I always wondered what I am good at. And the answer which I always got from myself was probably “nothing”. I remember I have heard many times that “everybody has a talent you just need to find it” by my teachers, neighbors even on television programs and I was always like “all this is bullshit” but then, when I grew I found that I too can do something which everyone can not. Yes, I founded that talent in me of writing English rhymes. Probably I was born with it or was fascinated by some poets I don’t know really but I was happy that I have finally founded the talent which somebody has said once consoling me, “don’t worry what if you are not good at running or painting or dancing, you must be having some other talent which you need to just find out”. I wrote my first poetry in eleventh grade, and began publishing my poems online in my blog few months ago.
                          When I walk down my memory lane, an image stands out large and that is how much effort one of our English professors used to put into explaining the poetry of renowned poets which were complex and obviously we didn’t like the one which was more challenging. But mine are not such, anyone can easily understand what I am trying to convey in my poems may be because I am just at the beginner’s level.
                          Whenever I post a poem, I get a lukewarm response and I often wonder – is it because of poetry? Till now I haven’t reached 1000 views may be because of two reasons. One, that I haven’t promoted it enough. Two, prose can be an effortless reading unless it is stream of consciousness writing, poetry can become quite boring if we are not familiar with its techniques and tones. So there is a decrease in numbers who read poems. Sometimes even I have to read twice or thrice the poems of great poets to understand the undertones that appear enigmatic initially. Who has the time and the inclination to read and re-read a poem in this fast-paced world? Probably very few, only poetry lovers do! so I understand.
                            Despite getting critics and less traffic on my blog, I continued to like poetry and slowly discovered that it doesn’t matter to me how many people have visited my blog. This is my passion and I will continue doing this. Many people have even asked, “why you haven’t pursued your career in this if you are so good at this” and my answer to them was, “I don’t believe in making my passion as career because the minute you invested your passion in your career you will start loosing interest in your passion and gradually you will loose your passion as well as your career”.
                             Some of my poems are ambiguous. Probably they relate to my past or buried memory, which I wouldn’t like to reveal like “An introvert” yet they are just to give a vent to my emotions through writing. Some poems carry a profound message, which remains eternally relevant like “Delhi’s nightmare“. Some poems are meant to inspire others to rise against injustice like “Let us be” while some just sooth our disillusioned minds like “Bro! its my choice“. Some highlight the arrogance of those who have always tried to oppress others like “Most legal rape!!!“. They leave an everlasting impact on sensitive souls. Poetry needs a bit of tenderness while reading.
                              I am not a renowned poet, so what is poetry I might not know. I merely try, I try when a bunch of words on my mind, provokes me, to come drape them, with my randomness. Alan Rickman has said, “talent is an accident of genes-and a responsibility”. So find it early, brush it up early or else it will be getting wasted.