Delhi’s nightmare

Delhi is unsafe for women no doubt;
and its unsafe level is increasing day by day as a sprout,
having lived in Delhi for almost two year;
I came to the conclusion that I am as much to blame for the lack of safety and ridiculous fear,
fear that our gender experiences as the next ruffian eying me at every corner;
why? Be’cz the minute someone pounces, pinches or comments on me I, like every other woman, have two choices, but I choose one that is easier,
one, to retaliate and make it clear that it is unacceptable;
two, cower down, look for the shortest route home and make a mental note to avoid that particular corner whenever possible,
by deserting the city in ‘unsafe’ hours and passing judgements on those who become victims we make it a cakewalk for a criminal;
to try whatever they feel like and that too with the least sense of fear of law and society being anti-social,
the issue of rape being tied to a country or a city is something to be ashamed of;
and to be an upcoming global superpower with the 2nd highest number of rape cases pisses me off,
the thought of stepping out late at nights fill fear in the minds of young women;
no longer can they trust that an evening out with friends who are men,
the capital may have the reputation of being India’s most unsafe city for women;
but the protests against sexual assault that have rocked the country and forced the government to enact new legislation were also led by Delhi’s women,
the establishment often forgets to ask what gives any man the license of raping;
no matter what a women may or may not be wearing.

9 thoughts on “Delhi’s nightmare

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  2. We hear about, we see it on the news but do we talk about without fear- My guess is no. So thanks for portraying in your own words what women of India have to endure on a daily basis. Well done, I like your straight forwardness and I will follow your works. God luck and have a hassle free day. Regards Kev


  3. Namaste Unspokenwords πŸ™‚

    Perhaps your talent and passion will encourage you to publish and share your perspective more widely alongside other courageous voices whose literature and poetry inspire positive cultural change in the heart and soul of Delhi…and by extension across India as well.

    Good luck endeavouring to rise! πŸ™‚

    Namaste πŸ™‚



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