There are various issues we feel shy to talk about;
and committing it is like a crime in our society no doubt,
a 26-year-old girl on the verge of matrimony;
is facing a commotion of mixed thoughts resulting in agony,
her excitement is climaxing at two levels, on one hand, she’s awaiting stepping into a realm of new relation;
on the other, her ‘virginity-status‘ is adding to her pre-wedding agitation,
she is getting sleepless nights wondering what if her better half comes to know that she’s not a virgin;
will he accept her if she dares to bare the truth that she has kept within,
however, she’s not alone as there are many women;
on the verge of tying the knot who face the same dilemmas be’cz of some orthodox men,
not everybody understands the temptation to take the plunge becomes tough to resist;
in a day and age when sex comes naturally in relationships,
some broad minded couples have no qualms in accepting that their partners;
may have gone the whole way in their past affairs,
but there are still those who relate virginity to morality and for them the bond of the unbroken hymen;
still scores over the bond of love and commitment,
it is our body our rule , everybody is free to love and choose a partner;
its a personal choice or decision and it is not for others to judge in any matter,
virginity and chastity are not the only measures to base a happy marriage on;
honesty and trust are far more important traits that both partners should possess life long.

25 thoughts on “Virginity….matters???

  1. Omg! You right so deep.
    All openness, with no beep.
    Topics you choose,much required.
    Your writing has a magic, yes we inspired!
    Keep writing go very high..
    but never let your legs fly.

    Grt work sarita !

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  2. On one hand, you have religions that overrate virginity to the point of absurdity especially in the Christian faith. On the other, you’ve got a secular culture which places undue emphasis (to the point of addiction and harassment) on sex. Both extremes are wrong. I seek a middle ground between the two. It seems the same app
    lies to you (pun intended). Nice post. Good day.

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  3. I don’t personally place any value on sexual virginity.. after all who cares if it’s the first time you’ve eaten sushi? But lots of girls lose their hymen through non sexual means anyway, ie accidentally, so the emphasis on the intact hymen is pretty unfair.

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  4. This varies culture to culture and you just cant live half westerner and half easterner … Everything which comes under morality in a given society / culture / religion is of great value for a following individual and people not only respect it but they follow it wholeheartedly with every “protocol” and they live normally as well.


  5. Virginity may not ensure happy marriage, it may not even prove that you will remain faithful to your partner after marriage.
    The truth remains that it is ungodly to sell your virginity before marriage.

    Keeping oneself till marriage may look absurd but it shows spiritual maturity.

    Great women know that their body is the temple of the living God.

    Bless you.


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