A senior…I met !!

He said, “huge congratulations on making it here”;
I said I am nervous, so he added, “I felt exactly the same last year”,
He said, “You guys are now a part of this vibrant community;
and I’m sure you’ll find it just as interesting as I do definitely”, 
He said, “Today, quite a few people on campus see me as an inspiration;
I do not consider myself exceptional at least compared to the kind of stories I’ve heard, it’s may be their imagination”,
“The fit factor, is the most important hiring factor these days”;
Telling this he also continued with how all this, one should embrace,
He said, “don’t waste your time in impressing every other;
Be’cz at the end of the day it doesn’t matter”,
He said, “I’ve realized that to thrive here or anywhere, you should embrace the inclusive, impress the indifferent and just ignore the ignorant;
that is, if circumstances even bring you in contact with them just become a prudent”,
He said, “it was and will continue to be the community as a session commences;
a community made up of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences”,
He concluded, “The bottom-line is that this campus provides an incredible environment to meet amazing peer;
pursue almost any interest, and make your voice heard loud and clear”.