Happy Engineers’ Day

Juniors waiting downstairs to give us farewell in the Audi;
is the last memory I have of my engineering journey,
Live project, assignment, presentation, exam and backlog;
are the stuff we dealt with in our engineering life for quite long,
Ragging, watching couples in the cafeteria, and gossips that we did;
I remember all those and miss them when I see that candid,
College crimes like mass bunk is a myth as unity is impossible in such a populated class in colleges;
but we “the engineers” do all this without considering our grudges,
Not even the Trending trolls on social media regarding engineers;
can bring down our zeal or make us feel low before our peers,
Engineers day is not just to wish or greet the engineers at the place where you live in;
it’s more about realizing and appreciating their efforts from deep within,
Although passing those 4 years with distinction was agony;
but that’s the reason why they are called the backbone of our economy.