Besties are always before testes…!

People often say that two men can surely be best friends;
But two women! No, not at all and being a women I know it offends,

They say a boy can compliment his male friends in his own way;
But women! they can’t even imagine doing this with their female friends even a single day,

This relationship is same with two brothers and two sisters as well;
I remember when me and my sister used to fight my father used to tell,

That two brothers can manage to live together;
But whether for a week or a day even, two sisters can’t even gather,

But this is only what people say or claim;
As I grew up I realized that things are not the same,

I have seen many girls who are long time best friends even I have one or two;
But totally agree that may be it’s true for a few,

People say there’s mostly a boy behind a quarrel among two besties;
But this can only be true in case you are in twenties,

Be’cz that’s when the immaturity is at its peak;
As many of the girls become boyfriends freak,

Even I am only twenty four now but by now I have realized;
That only besties are there when your love relationships make you traumatized,

So from now on wards if I hear this people’s bullshit I will be like oh please;
No matter what you are facing or have faced, for me besties are always before testes.