An Indian Bride…

Today an Indian bride is not just a decent girl with good values and looking like a fairy;
it’s more of how much she is carrying with her in the form of dowry,

Society- the so called driving force for an Indian’s every activity;
neither it’s something to praise nor is a matter of dignity,

“Log kya kahenge”- struggling always with this in mind;
people often forget their own interest and continue to grind,

Being 36-24-36 is expected out of every bride;
but they forget that beauty comes in all shapes and size,

People have made even bridal makeup a mockery;
be’cz to me it appears like layers of a multi colored kulfi,

Even the bride doesn’t care now much about the happiness and blessings;
be’cz the thing which bothers her is whether to wear lehnga or kurti with leggings,

May be this happens because it’s her day so she wants to enjoy with her besties;
hanging around, making poses and clicking selfies,

I know enjoying high and a little show off is not a crime;
as things, culture and the way of celebration changes with the time.

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