What they will say when they’ll see;
Or, what they will think about me,
Will they accept my love or not;
Will they be happy or forcefully tie a knot,
Will they be able to understand my shy attitude;
Or else will they consider me to be rude,
Oh God, I am such an over thinker;
I think a lot, does it helps!-no never,
Is this a standard quality or a reason of distress;
Don’t know but this is what I happen to possess,
I try to find meaning in everything;
I don’t like getting one word answers be’cz from them I have to dig the meaning,
Sometimes I struggle to have a sleep;
Sometimes the fear of worse gets so deep,
I weigh pros and cons in all situations that can be;
I keep analyzing people around me,
I tend to very easily assume things;
Making choices becomes tough for me be’cz decisions don’t come easily from within,
Yes I am an over thinker but it doesn’t have any harm;
Be’cz I know every individual has its own charm.

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