Broken Souls

She met him in the college during the last semester;
And was instantly attracted to him as that time she was a teenager,

Then the time came when their love was getting pitch;
But separation was their destiny although they didn’t ditch,

After all whatever makes you feel free;
Is as dangerous as termites for a tree,

Despite the reality that the decision to end the relationship had been mutual,
Cycling through such feelings and emotions was usual,

Loving and caring for someone isn’t enough to make them stay;
You have to travel an extra mile to make your relationship go long way,

One can die of a broken heart- it’s a scientific fact;
But it’s been a long time their heart have been broken, yet they are still intact,

I understand why things had to happen this way;
But then you have to let the dust that hurt your eyes wash away,

We all are recovering from someone so we are not alone;
Still there are some who are unable to cope up, and called as broken souls.

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