Barefooted children playing with tyres wearing clothes with holes;
is the most common picture everyone would have seen in India on the roadside across the poles,
People sleeping on footpath, kids and women selling balloons on red light;
cause me goosebumps and makes me to thank God for not being on the side of my sight,
Pot holes, illiteracy, molestation, population, poverty issues are many;
but the high authorities are least bothered which is the irony,
There are billionaires who can do millions of charity;
still their number is comparatively less so poverty still exists and that’s the technicality,
Nowadays people click selfies when they visit NGOs or orphanages to upload on social media sites;
but they should realize that it’s the time to take some steps to remove poverty causing termites.

Don’t know why…???

Girls when take birth in India;
People get distressed with a kinky eye;
Neither  they celebrate nor they feel joy;
They just blame their destiny, don’t know why,
Right from when she started growing;
She was being taught how to make dough and deep fry;
How to avoid arguments and become shy;
As all these are mandatory, don’t know why,
Doing flirt and watching porn are not the things for her;
Because men have its copyright till they die;
May be just be’cz they have a penis and thus claimed to be guy;
But women don’t have this privilege don’t know why,
From teenage till getting married;
She is used to face torture without spilling a single drop from eye;
Neither she says, nor she cry;
Keeps this with her only don’t know why,
Not only this, when it comes to their purity;
They are pushed for examinations which makes their mental state destroy;
Men can explore as many women as they wanna try;
But a women is questioned if she did the same, don’t know why.