To be a man…

Every men’s upbringing teach them that men don’t cry;
May be because people will assume them to be weak, girly, gay and not guy,
Sometimes it’s very necessary to release your stress which could be done by sharing feelings with someone or shedding a tear:
But they can’t because of being ridiculed, which most of them fear,
As a result, men typically respond to stress by taking alcohol, pills or drugs;
And further, they tend to use more violence to ‘regain control’ which make them crucks,
People often mistake men’s first night as pleasure instead of pressure;
Yes, pressure which is high, because their suitability is evaluated by their performance as if it is a measure,
That’s the reason why they dominate when something doesn’t go according to their plan;
But everyone doesn’t understand that it takes a lot to be a man.

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