The first things’…

The first time I rode a bicycle I accidentally hit a child and he got injured;
and since karma exists so the next day I fell off the bicycle and the veins of my knees got ruptured,
The first time my father raised a hand on me I became sad;
but then it was for the first and last time I guess, so it’s glad,
The first breakup surely leaves you with deep loneliness and depression;
you feel out of the air when you’re at rest, or even lying down without any congestion,
The first poetry I had written was the result of a lot of thoughts in my mind which got tangled;
hadn’t I expressed them in any way my brain could have got dismantled,
The first salary when I got, that was the moment of pride;
although maximum was utilized in buying gifts for my parents and siblings rest I  kept aside,
The first time I have actually consumed alcohol I felt so much relieved and relaxed;
neither it resulted in an outbreak of emotions nor I got harassed,
The first time I have faced a failure I got into depression;
but it also made me ready for several challenges and competition,
So all I can say is cherish all your first-time things in succession;
be’cz either it had become a good memory or had taught you a lesson.

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