Let’s be mature about it…

Things are many which make a relationship successful or unsuccessful;
both can be termed as the forces of push or pull,

Although every couple makes a decision to be together in a relationship until they are alive;
it doesn’t mean that you always have to be around each other 24/7 for the relationship to survive,

Many people tell everything to their partner like whether they have eaten food or not whether they have gone to loo or not, oh! Common show some royalty;
they must understand that telling the status of your daily chores don’t prove your loyalty,

And this is for both the partners, you can’t order the other one every time the dress to wear, the food to eat, the job to choose, whom you should talk and to whom do not;
everybody has personal space and each partner should value the space of the other one and if you are not getting your space you should boycott,

Every relationship has different equations  and we should accept that;
like a boyfriend should be treated as boyfriend and not husband and vice versa, roger that,

Someone has rightly said that love is not life, it is just a part of life;
that’s why even if you fail in love don’t give your life to any poison or a cut of a knife,

See the point is life is only one so live it to the fullest and don’t demean it;
so value everyone’s space and let’s be mature about it.

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