The pain of being misunderstood…

We all have experienced someone confusing our intentions with what we said;
be’cz they just go by our words and not by the emotions we have paid,

Let me take you through a story of he and she who were in a relationship once upon a time;
but they are no more together although they tried a stitch in time to save nine,

Both of them were teens so immaturity was quite high;
so whatever happened was due to the unevenness of both the ends of pie,

Saying that it was my mistake is hard to confess;
be’cz no one wants to take the blame I guess,

But now when I go down the memory lane;
it’s very difficult to understand and  pretty tough to explain,

It’s really painful when she talked about freedom he took it as slavery as the word,
when she talked about the lifeless relationship he mistook it to be a sword,

Not only in this story in every relationship misunderstandings occur;
but it depends on you how you deal with it and how you conquer,

Just like a father and his daughter were not talking for long;
and that’s be’cz of a misunderstanding that went prolong,

Examples are many but the feelings remain the same;
so instead of being judgemental, understanding each other should be their aim,

Is it like to make others understand you have to do a lot of chatter;
or is it like only the person and understanding between the two does matter,

Somethings are beyond our knowledge and experiences till now from childhood;
so time and again we often feel the pain of being misunderstood.


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