Shut up….society!

20s is said to be the phase that sets the career milestones for the future;
it’s the time when most of us are out of college and maturity in us starts to nurture,
That’s the age when we enter in the corporate world and explore its each and every dimension ;
but the society which thinks that the mid-twenties is time for a woman to get married gives us a tension,
People think that if a girl is not getting married in 20s then there is something wrong with her and its nothing new;
even trying to make them understand appears to be worthless that everything else can but your career never leaves you,
The time when you can explore the fields that interest you and take risks;
society aunties interfere by putting in their whisks,
It’s not that I have never tried to grasp their perspective but my conscience reflected what’s the point in marrying so early;
when you are not certain about your career and responsibilities clearly,
One should marry only after gaining maturity b’cz then you’ve seen a lot, so you know what’s out there, and you’ve gotten your empathy for Casanovas out of your system;
but the curious, news-hungry, rumor spreaders of the society don’t understand this as it requires some wisdom,
So, dear world stop telling us when to marry and when to not;
and instead of beating the bushes of marriage, sex, and babies try to think beyond the dot.

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