Lost in thoughts…

I hate how often I have utterly no words to say;
For example, about how I feel and hence all I do is gaze in dismay,
While my mind is running through so many sketches of what could happen;
Yet when the situation arrives itself, none of those sketches come up and my thoughts get flatten,
I hate how sometimes I feel as if I am in a room with no openings to get out to breathe;
I am scratching at the walls screaming for someone to save me underneath,
Sometimes I just stare, with no thought going on my mind;
But in the background, it’s a massive crowd going on with surging thoughts which I couldn’t wind,
I can spend hours wasting precious instances thinking about something that is absolutely irrelevant;
And it becomes very tough to get it out of my head as it clusters as such a big element,
Most of the time I get lost in my thoughts and hit a dead end;
It has grown now in such a complicated mess that nobody can amend,
With this, energy keeps on draining and thus life becomes tough;
Still, I have to carry a smile as saying to everyone that I am ok is not enough,
Difficult people leads to a difficult time which further makes hard to achieve life’s goal;
So all I do is play the tune of life on repeat that speaks to my soul.

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