Juzz… Grow up!

It’s wrong when you say that it has broken you from inside;
Be’cz if its true you would have probably been died,
It’s wrong when you say that it has left you emotionless;
Be’cz if it’s true your life would have been a mess,
It’s wrong when you say that it made you feel bad;
Be’cz if it’s true you would have stopped chasing him like a mad,
He has moved on be’cz it’s not difficult to find a girl in this large population;
So begging after him is not worth it be’cz¬† you owe love and not donation,
Now you must have realized that menstrual cramps are better than the cramps of love;
Be’cz unlike them menstrual cramps go high and low like a bell curve,
Nothing can make you feel the way you don’t want to feel;
So it’s your own mind and emotions that puts you in an ordeal.
I am not saying that people are childish or immature;
But the only thing is increase the level of how much you can endure.