“Mumma ki Pari”

She is Black and Golden, thin but furry;
Quick as the wind; always in a hurry,

Emotions specially love is what she bears;
Always comes when Myra she hears,

Loves biting shoes; it’s her treasured thing;
But when it comes to bathe, she keeps on lingering,

Great big tongue that licks everyone’s face;
Treats the entire house as her own space,

Never allows anyone to hit her mummy;
May be be’cz she is the one who feeds her tummy,

Being stubborn in food choices is a just an example of her tantrums;
So even “babu shona beta khalo” never bothers her eardrums,

Sparkling red brown eyes like twinkling stars;
Always rushes to the door at her playing hours,

She is a kid so people call her with different names,
But the tag “Mumma ki pari” is what she claims.