Blame game

From son to daughter;
from father to mother;
from brother to sister;
everyone blames one another,
whom to blame whom to not;
when things don’t go our way, we boycott,
the reason why we blame;
really sounds quite lame,
its just that we don’t wanna get ashamed;
so we keep our mischief self contained,
I know it requires guts to accept your mistake;
but please don’t blame others for God’s forsake,
so try to make an apology at least;
rather than blaming and becoming a beast.


Breaking a taboo is extremely objectionable;
and in society, totally unacceptable,
although taboos are many;
one of them is terminating a pregnancy,
another one is alcoholism;
which is in no way less than cannibalism,
many more in the list like infanticide;
or having a pregnant bride,
from urination to menstruation;
from sex selective abortion to defecation,
from belching to slavery;
from spitting to pornography,
not only one or two;
all the above comes under taboo,
no no, the lists not ends here;
there are many more to fear,
inter religion marriage or masturbation;
homosexuality or miscegenation,
an act may be a taboo in one culture;
but not in the other,
now surely and certainly it depends on you;
whether you wanna follow or break the taboo.

An introvert

I love being aloof;
and being introvert is its proof,
yes I am the last to raise my hand;
even after a question that I completely understand,
I prefer not to engage with people;
who seem angry, upset or dual,
generally I don’t initiate even a small talk;
but when needed, anytime I can be a hawk,
although being introvert doesn’t makes me sage;
but still it gives me an added advantage,
like I am less likely to get bored when I am alone;
unlike those who have to loan friends when they don’t have their own,
so I do not make any effort;
to be an extrovert rather I choose to remain an introvert.

Most legal rape!!!

Marital rape, what the fuck;
some parents minds get here stuck,
no seriously, what does that mean;
after marriage, sex is obvious when you lean,
yes its obvious for sure;
but what if one don’t want it any more,
having sex without spouse’s consent;
is same as giving your car yourself a dent,
many of us are dealing with this;
but only a few have courage to overcome with bliss,
so its high time to raise your voice;
having intercourse not as a slavery but as your choice.

The first salary

That priceless moment of first salary;
Yash was having playing with the cutlery,
I guess it was lunch and he called;
when Rita was in office and she got stunned,
stunned becz he asked her for dinner;
but she somehow turned out to be a sinner,
she was worried b’cz her friends had made a plan for outing;
but she wanted to go with Yash as it was his first salary dating;
although she tried to wrap up fast but she was late;
Yash got angry may be this was just fate,
Rita appologized but all went invane;
b’cz Yash replied it was his first salary and would never come again.

Love birds

Rita and Yash;
had a crush,
feelings were more or less same;
and that even reflects in their name,
Yash was five eleven and Rita was five two;
but they both compliment each other like grass and dew,
Rita was moody and often gets stubborn;
but Yash always makes her up b’cz for him she was the only one,
although Yash was also short-tempered and makes Rita cry;
but then Rita always knew that his love for her was never gonna die;
So they never broke up as it was impossible;
still they had many breakups to make their patch ups memorable.

Bro! its my choice

From having love to lingerie;
from showing cleavage to thigh;
whatever I do;
Bro! its my choice.
Yes I am a girl;
not less than a pearl;
but still if I wanna get high;
Bro! its my choice.
24! oh no, its too young to get married;
I just wanna be splendid;
but even if I did;
Bro! its my choice.
What to do, what to not;
wanna look cute, punky or hot;
depends on me, how I wanna rejoice;
b’cz Bro! its my choice.

The day we met

The day we met;
in the past till yet,
everything I remember;
was just a number,
yes it was thirteenth of march;
but the timing was of dinner not of lunch,
my phone rang when scooty was in full speed;
but I stopped as it all was destine-ed,
for few minutes I was without any clue;
yeah, the voice that I heard was of you,
you called for my quest;
and that too for the fest,
from then butterscotch to mountain dew;
left you with money which was few,
but then it was all fun;
you, me and that idiot old men,
although we had many more;
but that really terrified me for sure. 

Mothers day special

Maa, mom, mumma all your names;
are pretty much same,
only you are the one;
who cared for me like none,
I know becoming a mom is a boom;
but it takes a lot to carry a life in your womb,
you have cleaned my pee and shit;
which any other would hate to do it,
even when you are not well enough;
you make all my favourite food stuff,
you taught me how to ride a bicycle;
same as you told me about the menstrual cycle,
this is just a tribute to you mum;
I know reading this will make your eyes numb;
muma you are my first love and will always be;
this is just a piece of love there are many more to see.