Break the silence…

Sometimes we face strange mischieves;
still, we keep quiet as if we ourselves are thieves,

We often get molested on street and in public transport;
but we keep mum be’cz we think our image will get distort,

I completely understand why this happens even in the presence of sentinel;
that’s be’cz in India instead of the rapist, the rape victim is seen as a criminal,

Now its time to stand for ourselves to remove those monsters from our way;
so break the silence to make them realize that women are not weak even after dismay,

And even if the rapist is your boyfriend or husband don’t hesitate;
be’cz consent is necessary every time two individuals mate,

Always remember it’s your life, your business so no one is gonna speak on your behalf;
so common be bold, speak up and don’t just keep sitting hiding your face with a scarf.

Most legal rape!!!

Marital rape, what the fuck;
some parents minds get here stuck,
no seriously, what does that mean;
after marriage, sex is obvious when you lean,
yes its obvious for sure;
but what if one don’t want it any more,
having sex without spouse’s consent;
is same as giving your car yourself a dent,
many of us are dealing with this;
but only a few have courage to overcome with bliss,
so its high time to raise your voice;
having intercourse not as a slavery but as your choice.